Catholic Church
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Catholicism in Practice

Students at St. Peter learn the Catholic faith through study, prayer and participation in the Mass.

Catholic school fifth graders belief in Jesus Christ
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Excellence in Teaching

God has created and loves each child as an individual. He has given each child unique gifts and talents.

Autumn Leaves
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Tradition, History and Family

A long, rich history ties many families in Tilden to the school for generations.

What's Happening


St. Peter School received an Academic Excellence Award from the Diocese of LaCrosse.  The award was given to schools whose outgoing class scored in the top 4% of those who take the IOWA test in the nation.  We are very proud to have received this award.  This goes to prove what we’ve always believed; our students are among the best!

All School Helicopter

During the Tilden Volunteer Fire Department visit, students received a chance to enter a Life Link helicopter from Rice Lake. Students got to talk with the firefighters, ask lots of questions, and they also were able to tour the engine. Students learned about the everyday jobs of firefighters and paramedics. They also learned about a Chippewa Valley Technical College program, Girls on Fire, available for middle school aged girls. And of course, what's Fire Department Day without the ice cream treats, courtesy of the department.


Students in grades 2-8 will be taking IOWA test the first three weeks in November. Parents, please try to avoid making appointments during this time. Also, make sure the students get a lot of rest. Students who are sick will have to make up the test during recess or other arrangements will need to be made.

Red Ribbon

We want to encourage students to respect themselves by keeping their bodies free from drugs and alcohol. Students can wear red with their uniforms on Wednesday, October 29.

Star Lab

In Star Lab, each classroom tours a part of space from Mars, to the constellations, to the Moon; even the Milky Way. Every year each class learns something about our solar system. The first and second graders learned about the fall constellations and what they could see in the night skies. The third and fourth graders heard stories that the Native Americans told their young about the constellations. The fifth and sixth graders visited the moon and learned about its phases and rotational path.

Chip Shoppe

Our school has joined together with The Chip Shoppe to help us generate extra funds. The profits from this sale will continue to help make St. Peters a great place to learn and to enrich the educational experiences of all students. We will reach our goal if each student sells 15 items.

Important Dates: 

Order Forms and Money Due: 9-17-14

Product Delivery Date: 10-8-14

Delivery Time Start and End: 3pm to 5pm

*If you cannot pickup, please arrange to have someone pick up for you.

locks of love

Recently, St. Peter students Elizabeth and Madelyn made donations to Locks of Love. Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to children in the United States and Canada suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.  They were proud to be able to help others in need.

blanket making

During the season of Lent, the fifth-eighth grade students worked together to make over 20 fleece tie blankets.  The blankets were donated to local law enforcement agencies to be given to children who have experienced traumatic events.  Thank you to Carrie Geissler for coordinating the blanket-making project.  A big thank you also goes out to Julia Jurczak, Roxanna Swoboda and Beverly Goettl for coming to help the students cut and make the blankets.  Thank you also to all of the donations from the parishioners and families.

Thank you to of our volunteers, for all the time and talent you have given to the students here at St. Peter School. It is greatly appreciated and we have seen the results in the student's work and grades.

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10/24/2014 (All day)
10/24/2014 - 12:15pm

Updates and Information

Students in Grades 6-8 will be performing their forensic

Show Choir

Did you know St.

spelling bee

We will be hosting this event again, thanks to Peter Stof


Each family received a box of candy bars.


The students will have a small party on Thursday, Februar

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Look At Us!

Christie Mountain 2010
Fall Field Trip
Fall Field Trip
Christmas Pageant
Palm Weaving
Palm Weaving
Buddy Reading
ice age
spelling bee
Hospital Field Trip
Christie Mountain 2010
Fall Field Trip
Fall Field Trip
Christmas Pageant
Palm Weaving
Palm Weaving
Buddy Reading
ice age
spelling bee
Hospital Field Trip


Small Class Size

"The small class size at St. Peter's was comforting and allowed for a lot of individual attention. This was very instumental in preparing me for high school and the college level."

Logan Baier - St. Peter's alumni, 2002 McDonell High School Valedictorian

Parents and Teachers Working Together

"At St. Peter's School, the parents are committed to their child's education. This is shown by their hard work in school and at home. Also by their strong communication with the teachers and administration."

Tammy Christopher, Principal and Teacher

Educational Value

"St. Peter's was more like a family than a school to me. I learned the importance of faith and how to put others before myself. I wouldn't be where I am today without St. Peter's School."

Christy Bohl, St. Peter Alumni

Pride in Our School

"St. Peter's is a gem, and a true Catholic School in every aspect! The highest academic standards, strong human formation, superb faith formation, individual attention to its students, and a safe, secure environment. Area high schools long to have graduates from St. Peter's and I am proud to have been a pastor of such a fine school."

Father William Felix

St. Peter is family

"I love St. Peter's - coming here is like being with family."

Annette Sykora
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